History of St. Peter's by the Lake

The Reverend William Mason Cook, rector of St Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Ilion, New York from 1888 to 1908, regularly conducted Episcopal services on Sundays while residing at their summer house with his wife Grace and their sons at Camp Ogden on Fourth Lake. It is because of his vision, wisdom, patience and zeal that St Peter’s By The Lake Summer Chapel was built and remains within the Episcopal Diocese of Albany. Dr. William Seward Webb donated the land and Chris Goodsell, local Adirondack builder and guide built the Chapel and the adjacent Clergy Lodge was built in 1912. St Peter’s Summer Chapel was dedicated July 29, 1905 by Bishop Doane, and the chapel was accessible only by foot or by boat until 1926 when State Route 28 was built. The church bell that is between the buildings was given to St Peter’s By The Lake in 1927 by St Augustine’s Church in memory of Cook, after that church relocated from Railroad Place to Second Street within Ilion.

St Peter’s By The Lake celebrated its 50th anniversary with the Reverend Daniel Hill, rector of St John’s Church in Richfield Springs. Life magazine published an article with photographs in its issue dated July 18, 1955.

The Reverend Arthur Logan Bice, rector of Emmanuel Church in Little Falls oversaw the property at St Peter’s By The Lake 1960 through 1991 with his wife Betty. The Bice Clergy Lodge was named in his honor in 1979.

The 100th anniversary was celebrated with the Reverend George Greene, retired rector of St Augustine’s Church, Ilion

The Reverend George Greene was named as the next Priest-in-Charge of the ministry here at St. Peter’s by the Lake.  As a faithful steward of the resources entrusted to the ministry, Fr. Greene served the ministry for 20 years.  A year-long planning, with the help of several dedicated people, put together a wonderful celebration of the 100th anniversary of this beautiful ministry. 

Following the retirement of Fr. Greene, the ministry was cared for from 2013-2015 by Fr. John Bassett who was serving as the Rector of St. Augustine’s Church, Ilion.  In 2016 Bishop Love appointed Fr. Neal Longe and Dcn. Denise Moore as the new clergy team supporting the ministry here at St. Peter’s by the Lake. 

The longstanding tradition of sharing this summer chapel with clergy families continues today.

Clergy-in-Charge at St Peter’s By The Lake Episcopal Summer Chapel

1905-1915       The Reverend William Mason Cook (Rector, St Augustine’s in Ilion)

1915-1927        The Reverend William Prout (Rector, St Michael’s in Middleville)

1927-1946       The Reverend Lloyd R. Benson (Rector, St Augustine’s in Ilion)

1946-1949       The Reverend Frederick H. Belden (Rector, St John's in Johnstown)

1949-1952       The Reverend Francis Willard (Rector, Christ Church in Herkimer)

1952-1960       The Reverend Daniel Hill (Rector, St John’s in Richfield Springs)

1960-1991       The Reverend Arthur Logan Bice (Rector, Emmanuel in Little Falls)

1992-2012       The Reverend George Greene (Rector, St Augustine’s in Ilion)

2013-2015       The Reverend John W. Bassett (Rector, St Augustine’s in Ilion)

2016-Present   The Reverend Canon Neal P. Longe (Rector, St. Ann's in Amsterdam) and The Rev. Denise M. Moore (Deacon, Grace Church in Waterford)